Solutions To Fit Your Clients' Needs

We offer a suite of advisory products to accommodate your clients’ varying needs - all of which are intended for distribution by Investment Advisor Representatives doing fee-based planning. Our zero commission annuities offer:

  • Complete or partial protection from market loss
  • Growth opportunity
  • Liquidity options
Ready to offer fee-based annuities?

Advantage 5 Advisory
Index Protector 4
Index Protector 5 MVA
Index Protector 7
Index Achiever Advisory
Principal protection

Multiple declared rate strategies    
Multiple indexed strategies 
Liquidity options
Early withdrawal charges  
Market value adjustments 
Tax-deferred growth
Optional riders for guaranteed lifetime income    
Return of Premium    

Return of Premium Death Benefit

How much can my clients earn with a fee-based annuity?
Where are fee-based annuities available?
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