Index Protector 7 Fee-Based Annuity

The Index Protector 7 fee-based annuity can help you diversify your clients’ portfolios. This advisory product is intended for distribution by Investment Advisor Representatives doing fee-based planning and offers:

  • Early withdrawal charges and market value adjustments that end after 7 years
  • Return of premium feature
  • An optional rider for additional income benefits
  • Protection from market loss
  • Growth opportunity with multiple indexed strategies
  • Liquidity options, including 10% penalty-free withdrawals beginning in year 1


How much can my clients earn with an Index Protector fee-based annuity?
Where is the Index Protector 7 fee-based annuity available?


Offering Fee-Based Annuities

The Index Protector 7 fee-based annuity is designed to fit seamlessly into your current advisory practice. To help you get started, we provide several tools and resources designed specifically for RIAs including a state-of the art Portfolio Simulator. In addition, we make it easy to submit business, and have relationships with many of the top reporting and billing platforms to help make managing your annuity business a breeze.



IncomeDefender rider

For additional income benefits, clients can add the IncomeDefender optional rider to their Index Protector 7 contract. There is an annual charge for this rider.

  • Income payments available to start immediately after issue (if age 55+)
  • Income percentages that increase annually
  • Refund of rider charge at death if income payments have not started


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