Top 5 Annuity Myths

Annuities offer benefits that might be missing from your clients’ portfolios, like complete or partial downside protection and lifetime income options. But are certain myths keeping you from offering these valuable solutions to your clients? It’s time to learn the truth behind the myths!

Myth 1:All annuities come with a commission.
  Truth:Fee-based annuities are an increasingly popular solution in the RIA market. They pay 0% commission and are designed to fit with a fee-based structure.

Myth 2:Annuities are too complicated.
  Truth:You may be familiar with older annuities that featured long surrender charge schedules and complex interest crediting methods. However, annuities have evolved over the years, and MassMutual Ascend is proud to be a leader in offering annuities that are easier to understand, with shorter surrender charge schedules, fewer moving parts and no hidden fees or surprises.

Myth 3:Annuities are not compatible with an RIA's platform.
  Truth:MassMutual Ascend has invested significant time and resources to integrate with most RIA platforms available today. Additionally, we offer a cutting-edge digital solution that allows you to easily add a fee-based annuity to a client's advisory portfolio.

Myth 4:Annuities are expensive.
  Truth:There are no maintenance or annual fees with an annuity. Optional riders that provide additional benefits may be available with fixed-indexed annuities for an annual charge.

Myth 5:Annuities lock up my clients' money.
  Truth:While annuities are designed to bring long-term value to a portfolio, liquidity options are available. Most annuities allow a certain percentage, typically 10%, to be withdrawn each year penalty-free. This feature may be useful for portfolio rebalancing.

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