About MassMutual Ascend

Taking financial futures above and beyond


At MassMutual Ascend, we are committed to going above and beyond – so when it comes to your clients’ financial futures, the impossible feels possible.

As a leading provider of annuities, the status quo isn’t a status we ever want. We’ll always be in pursuit of better. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of MassMutual, founded in 1851 and one of the largest life insurance companies in the U.S. Everything we do is rooted in a culture of service. From our people to our technology, we strive to always provide you with what you need.

A long history of strength

As a proud subsidiary of MassMutual with more than five decades of experience, we are proud to offer customers a level of strength and stability they can count on for years to come. We take a long-term approach to managing our business that is focused on delivering value to our customers while maintaining the highest level of financial strength.  

Our “A++” rating by AM Best follows more than 40 consecutive years of an “A” or higher rating. This means you and your clients can have confidence knowing we'll be here when you need us.

Three keys to success

Solid operating performance

In the last decade, our gross annuity premiums have more than doubled to $48 billion. This tremendous premium growth demonstrates our continuing commitment to providing annuities that can help you reach your long-term goals. 

In 2022, we proudly issued more than 57,000 new annuities, the most in company history.

Record capital

At MassMutual Ascend, we have the financial backing to continue to grow and weather the inevitable swings in the financial marketplace. All insurers are required to maintain a minimum level of risk-based capital to support business operations while offering annuities. Our risk-based capital level significantly exceeds the requirement. Maintaining strong capital positions means that we will be here to serve you in the long run.

Long-term investment approach

We are one of the most conservatively managed annuity providers in the marketplace. Fixed income investments comprise approximately 86 percent of our invested assets, compared to the insurance industry average of approximately 75 percent. Our distribution of invested assets creates a low risk and stable profile. We take a long-term approach to managing our business, which means we make prudent investment decisions. In fact, 94 percent of our fixed maturity portfolio had a National Association of Insurance Commissioners rating 1 or 2 as of December 31, 2022 - the highest of six possible ratings.

Above and beyond. At the core of everything we do.


At MassMutual Ascend, we’re committed to taking financial futures above and beyond. The status quo isn’t a status we ever want. We’ll always be in pursuit of better – so you can navigate your financial future with confidence.

Our transparency

Finding a product that fits your personal situation and future goals is important. At MassMutual Ascend, we focus on providing transparent and easy-to-understand products designed with your needs in mind.


Our Service

Everything we do is rooted in a culture of service. We simplify customer support by giving you what you need, when you need it. We seek to provide an accessible experience – from purchasing an annuity to finding your account information, we want you to fee in control every step of the way.


Our people

At MassMutual Ascend, our collaborative culture is key to our success. It’s the reason we’re a leading provider of annuities today, and it’s the reason we’ll continue rising to the top tomorrow. We work together to achieve results by listening, seeking, understanding and creating solutions as a unified team.


Our financial strength

We want to simplify your financial goals by always backing you with ratings you can count on. At MassMutual Ascend, we're here to provide you with financial confidence for many years to come. Plus, our commitment to our customers is as strong as ever. Since 2000, we have paid more than $11 billion in guaranteed income benefits to our valued contract owners, including more than $1.3 billion in 2022.


MassMutual Ascend is a proud subsidiary of MassMutual

In 2021, we were acquired by MassMutual, one of the largest life insurance companies in the U.S., founded in 1851. They were drawn to our company because of our continued growth as a leading annuity provider and long-standing reputation for providing superior customer service. We continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of MassMutual, which allows us to stay focused on serving the unique needs of our customers, while leveraging the investment capabilities, reputation and financial strength of MassMutual.

AM Best rating of “A++” (Superior) affirmed August 25, 2023. AM Best rating of "A++" is the highest of 16 ratings. S&P rating of “A+” affirmed February 24, 2023.
All data is as of December 31, 2022.
Data reflects annuity premiums measured on the basis used to prepare statutory annual statements. Includes MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company®.
MassMutual Ascend’s fixed income investments include bonds, cash, short-term investments and policy loans. Life insurance industry data sourced from SP MI - L/H, US Version 2021.
The guaranteed income benefit amount includes annuity benefit payments under immediate and deferred annuities, income benefit payments under guaranteed withdrawal benefit riders and contract withdrawals taken by owners after their rider benefit payments began.